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Milim Spring 2019

Simona Di Nepi

Zooming in on the Judaica collection of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston

Our guide will be Simona Di Nepi, the Charles and Lynn Schusterman Curator of Judaica at the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston. She is responsible for building and displaying the collection of Jewish Art. Originally from Rome, before moving to the United States. Simona has studied and worked in London and Tel Aviv for 25 years. She has filled curatorial roles—in both decorative arts and Old Masters—at the Victoria and Albert Museum, The National Gallery, and the Royal Academy of Arts in London, where she cared for permanent collections and planned exhibitions. In Israel, she worked as curator at Beit Hatfutsot: the Museum of the Jewish People and as a lecturer in Italian Renaissance art at IDC Herzelyia.

Simona curated the exhibitions Reunions: Bringing Early Italians Paintings Back Together at the National Gallery in London and Dreyfus: The Story of a French-Jewish Family at the Museum of the Jewish People in Tel Aviv. In addition to these exhibition catalogues, her publications also include From Duccio to Leonardo: Renaissance Painting 1250-1500, and contributions to Renaissance Siena: Art for a City, Renaissance Faces: Van Eyck to Titian, and Velazquez. In Jewish Art, Simona co-authored Italia Ebraica, Storie Ritrovate/Jewish Italy: Rediscovered Stories, and is currently writing a comprehensive history of Judaica at the MFA Boston.

Lance Foreman

Forman’s – They’re Not Just A Smokehouse. They’re A Salmon Theme-Park

In 1905 Lance Forman’s great-grandfather, Aaron ‘Harry’ Forman set up the family business with his son, Louis, in London’s East End. A Russian émigré with a family to provide for, Harry saw potential in the curing of fresh Scottish salmon, the king of fish. Lance will tell the story of this long standing family business including its recent history.
Following a lengthy dispute, the site of the business was relocated in 2007 from the area which is now the London Olympic Park through a compulsory purchase order involving over 200 companies.

Jenny Kleeman

Sex Robots & Vegan Meat

Welcome to a world of kitchens where thousand-dollar chicken nuggets are made, members-only meetings where people learn how to kill themselves, and the discussion boards where men plan all-out war against women. Sex Robots & Vegan Meat will introduce you to scientists, humanoids, designers, ethicists, entrepreneurs and provocateurs; a fertility specialist prepared to do almost anything to satisfy his patients, a man married to his sex doll, a cake decorator who helped her best friend die and an artist who uses living flesh as his medium.

We are on the brink of seismic change in the four core areas of human experience: birth, food, sex and death, from artificial wombs, to lab-grown meat; from sex robots programmable to have polite conversations with your wife, to a new frontier in assisted dying. Who are the people dictating and
shaping the change taking place, and what is motivating them to do it? Can we safely assume that
these entrepreneurs are in it for the thrill of human advancement, or might there be more sinister
motivations at hand?

Jenny Kleeman’s Sex Robots & Vegan Meat takes the reader on a fascinating exploration of the changes afoot, and their implications for who we are as a society, and as humans.

Paul Alster

Kin or Country - Paul Alster

Civil war is drawing closer. A fierce political battle engulfs a once-in-a-lifetime referendum. Is a new era about to begin?
Israel, 2048. The Ultra-Orthodox now form the majority among Israeli Jews. The country has changed rapidly in recent years to reflect their religious values and the new status quo.
On the 100th anniversary of the establishment of the state a referendum is called to decide whether to separate into two independent nations: one religious, the other secular.
The fate of Israel will be determined by its own people, but foreign powers have their own reasons for seeking to influence the outcome of the vote.
Against the backdrop of a no-holds-barred political campaign and with the clock ticking fast towards the day of reckoning, a man’s body found in the Jerusalem hills seems initially of little consequence—until his identity is revealed.
Could this discovery impact the fate of the entire country?

Paul Alster discusses his latest book with Jonathan Straight.

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Kin or Country- Paul Alster


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