Charles Harris

Charles Harris

Knife Crime and Journalism

Come and hear author and award-winning film-maker Charles Harris talk about his new best-selling novel The Breaking of Liam Glass, which has been nominated Finalist for a Wishing Shelf Book Prize.  His satirical thriller has received five star reviews and been described as “witty,” “gripping” and “truly beautifully written.”
In this fast-paced and darkly funny novel, ambitious young journalist Jason Crowthorne discovers a scoop that he is sure will make his name – but to hit the headlines he is forced to embellish the truth and soon not only rival journalists but the police are on his tail.

“Film-making and martial arts have brought me into close contact with journalists and police, presidents and criminals,” he says. “And given me a fascination for what people do, why they make such a mess of it and how some people always seem to bob to the surface whatever their mistakes. Of course, it’s rarely the saints we love to read about, but the sinners.”

Charles will be discussing ethical and unethical journalists, fast-talking politicians, satire, knife crime and real and fake news.

The talk will be hosted by Nigel Gizzard and followed by a personal signing.

Admission: £5

This is a joint event with Makor Culture.